20.03 - Quand tu es là

Welcoming early Spring time with a new song from Anthony Doriand.

Click here for the Making Of

20.01 - Quand vient la vie 

2020 begins with a new clip for Anthony and Arya.

12.19 - C'est dans vos yeux 

Second collaboration between Arya and Anthony for the launch of his new song.

Clic here for the Making-Of

09.19 - Avec vous

First collaboration between Arya and the musician and composer Anthony Doriand.

Clic here for the Making Of

06.19 - See You Soon - Showreel Version

Director : Layra Rodrigues

Performers : Arya Pegaz, Layra Rodrigues, Ludivine Vauthier, Mathie Puglisi

Music : Obsession composed and performed by Lucas Riway

Tech : Luigi d'Aria

Costumes : Aparecida Rodrigues

Showreel editing : Lauréline Neel

See You Soon is a dance-theatre creation that emerged from Layra's research on Pina Bausch and the use of personal memory and senses. The focus of the performance is Saudade, the feeling of missing someone or something that we can no longer get back to. 

06.18 - Saudade - Showreel Version

Director : Layra Rodrigues

Performers : Ana Adams, Arya Pegaz, Julie Bignon, Larya Rodrigues, Ludivine Vauthier, Mathie Puglisi, Matthew Vanston, Tania Malapert, Timna Krenn

Music : composed and performed by Lucas Riway

Tech : Luigi d'Aria

Showreel editing : Lauréline Neel

Saudade is a dance-theatre creation first performed in Paris 8 University (June 2018, February 2019) and then in Normandy, Théâtre des Charmes (March 2019). The nine performers and the live musician express their answer to the question "what do you do when you miss someone or something?" throughout the one hour show. Inspired by Pina Bausch's techniques and learnings, each of them shares his/her personal experiences to bring the audience to a colourful voyage.

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